Boxing classes





Through your initial fitness assessment, we will identify your core goals and craft a customized training program to accomplish and exceed these goals in a healthy, holistic manner.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, perfect a handstand, or simply improve your overall health, TheBoxingGuy can create a personalized fitness program to match your needs.



While working toward your personal goals, your strength and conditioning training will be catered to your individual needs.


In addition to achieving your personal fitness goals, we will also work to improve your overall wellness and fitness ability. 


The strength training program includes but isn't limited to:



Corrective Exercise

Stability/Balance Training

Strength Training


If your goal is to become a better athlete, this program incorporates developing your speed, coordination, balance, and endurance in addition to strength and conditioning to improve your overall athleticism.


A step up from Functional Strength Development, this program

also includes:  


General cardio and endurance training

Jump rope skills training

Hand/eye coordination 

Power and plyometric training, 

Speed, agility and quickness training


Develop a new skillset by incorporating boxing into your fitness regimen. Boxing is a great way to gear your functional strength and athletic training toward something specific.


Whether you have been boxing for years, or this is your first time, you will learn basic boxing fundamentals and learn to perfect the sport.


This includes but isn't limited to:

Boxing Theory

Boxing Technique

Footwork Drills


Boxing Conditioning Drills




My passion lies in helping people live their best lives. I love guiding my clients through their fitness journey, almost as much as I love working out myself. As a former dual-sport, Division 1 athlete and professional boxer, my life revolves around making fitness gains while also building injury resilience. With exposure and competitive experience in seven sports over my lifetime, my aim is to bring a well-rounded athletic training to the everyday person.

Based in Washington, DC


TheBoxingGuy exceeded my expectations as a trainer in only 4 sessions! I'm grateful for the support, kindness, and dedication to building a personalized workout regimen for me. 

D'ion Harris



What do you like best about working with Vic?

I love how adaptable he is. For me, I love knowing the WHY behind what we do. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about what he does, so it definitely instills a high level of confidence in him when he’s able to provide detailed reasoning behind his programming.


How much more consistent would you say you are now working with TheBoxingGuy?

 I’m 1000% more consistent. No question. He pushes you past your comfort zone but in a completely safe way. And since it is a well rounded approach to general fitness, I feel like it’s been easier to commit to the entire lifestyle change. Especially feeling the difference so quickly and pervasively


How would you say the price is for the service you get?

Pricing is more than fair - he’s very reasonably priced for personal training, and with the holistic approach he takes with his clients, I feel like I get more than just a few workouts a week. For me it’s been an entire lifestyle change - eating properly, building strength, and learning the skill and discipline of boxing.


What results have you seen thus far?

In terms of results, I’ve gained about 5lbs so far (I’m about 2-3 lbs from my goal weight still). I’ve always been pretty petite, but the weight I’ve been able to add has been muscle and it’s been done in a very healthy way. 

When I started with Vic, I literally never ran. Now I run 3-4 miles 2-3 times a week, which is something I NEVER thought would be possible. 

I’m definitely much stronger as well, but I think what is really notable about Vic's approach is that he really trains you as an athlete. So yes, I can lift heavier weights, but I’ve also improved my mobility, balance, and overall physical ability.


I also have definition in my arms, back, and abs that I've never had before. He's also been incredibly responsive to my personal goals - I want to gain muscle while still looking feminine, and I feel as though he's done a great job helping me achieve that.



How would you compare virtual vs in person training?

Personally, I prefer in person training, mainly because you have more “toys” to play with. The virtual training is just as good though - I was just home in NY for a bit and kept up with the virtual training and it’s just as intense of a workout and you still get the one on one feedback. Either way you can't go wrong!