Discovering your balance through nutrition

Victor Williams

May 7, 2021

Finding the perfect balance in your nutrition is challenging, but so integral to making sure you achieve your goals.

The first step to making progress in any endeavor is knowing where you are. If you don’t have any idea of what you need to stop doing, what you should start doing, or where you’re doing well, it will be hard to make any meaningful change. Set a baseline for yourself - and that goes beyond just WHAT you’re eating. It’s also important to document how you feel at certain times of the day or after certain meals. When do you tend to get hungry? Super late at night? Why did you decide to eat at that time? Habit or boredom? These are a few good questions to start thinking about as you begin.

If you notice that you’re completely dead and low on energy near the end of the day, then perhaps you need to eat more energy providing macronutrients. If you’re the type to eat breakfast (all of us should eat breakfast) but find yourself hungry an hour later, then you need to find foods that are more satiating. If you’re absolutely ravenous by the evening time, it’s probably a sign that you’re not eating enough throughout the day. The key point here is to listen to your body and make adjustments accordingly. The challenge for many of us is that we’ve lost that important connection with our bodies - this is the first step toward getting that back.

Simply becoming more aware of what you’re doing can allow you to discover things about yourself that you’ve never noticed. This first step is all about data gathering and self discovery. With this newfound data, you’ll be more equipped to make the best decision on how you should adjust, which is something on which you can work with me to determine applicable strategies for the how/when/what you should eat that are realistically doable on a regular basis.

Wishing you nothing but health,