How hard do you actually need to work to lose weight?

Victor Williams

January 29, 2021

With different body types and metabolisms, how can we know if we're working hard enough to actually lose weight?

I believe it’s fair to say that most of us are very different from each other, right? We have different builds, athletic backgrounds, dietary preferences, hobbies, etc. Well, it may or may not surprise you that this concept also applies to how our bodies respond to food and exercise.

The rate at which our bodies exchange gases (respiration), absorb and process nutrients, regulate fluids and get rid of waste - what we know as metabolism - can vary significantly from one individual to another. This means you and I can eat the exact same foods and do the same workouts at the same relative intensity for a period of time, but see varying results.

Because we all metabolize differently, it can be helpful to have know our resting metabolic rate, or the rate at which our individual body burns calories at rest. Having this data can help you be more strategic with balancing your caloric intake with your activity levels, so that you find your self in a weekly caloric deficit and a better chance at consistent and balanced weight loss.

How do we get this tested? A couple weeks ago I went to Composition ID here in DC and got this done relatively quickly. I certainly recommend getting that data, but also recommend that you have someone help you decide what to do with it and how to structure your training accordingly. If you do decide to go, make sure to use my code, “TBG” to get $50 off your visit!