The Utility in Repetition

Victor Williams

October 9, 2020

While it's great to switch up your workouts regularly, it's just as important to value the concept of consistency to achieve your goals

I’m sure that it’s fairly obvious that one cannot improve without practice repetition, right? We hear it all the time, “practice makes perfect!”

While that seems fairly obvious, many of us fail to apply this same concept to our training regimen and as a result, fail to see results or feel like we're seeing progress. Because there’s so much YouTube and instagram candy out there, it makes us want to do it all, and all at once. While it’s great to mix up your workouts, there needs to be a balance. The sporadic nature of bouncing from workout to workout makes it very tough for you to obtain and notice your own fitness gains.

While enjoyment is certainly a big factor in helping one stay consistent. , I strongly suggest the repetition of that same workout on the same day each week, for 3-4 weeks. This will not only allow you to become more familiar with the workout, it will also allow time for the improvement of movement proficiency, technique, and strength.

Bottom line is, your body cannot adapt without time and it is very difficult to improve without repetition. When in doubt, K.I.S.S.